Kooij Satellite lamp recycled plastics detail
Kooij satellite lamp 2

Dirk van der Kooij, 2012
Recycled plastic, LED lighting
L52xW57xH57cm | 6kg
80W | 3.800lm

The Satellite was originally designed as a shell to envelope and showcase its humble light source. Three standard-sized fluorescent rings composed the heart of the lamp. Their attraction was simple: in 2013, fluorescent bulbs could be found in a variety of light temperatures, whilst LED bands remained overwhelmingly chilly. When seeking to mix light temperatures in a single vessel, the fluorescent bulbs proved to be the most logical option. The hills and valleys of low-resolution 3D printing serve to distort and blend the individual bands of light.

In early 2020, the design was reconfigured with warm, unfussy LEDs. The shell remains unchanged: whilst the technology has evolved, the sentimental form persists. Two tactile knobs on the side of the vessel control the LEDs. With these, the balance of cool and warm light can be manipulated.

Datasheet | 3D file

Satellite | 52x57xH57cm | 2-4 wks

Kooij satellite lamp recycled plastics
Dirk van der kooij satellite lamp
Kooij Satellite colour temperature min
Kooij satellite lamp recycled plastics
Satellite lamp dirk van der kooij 1
Satellite lamp dirk van der kooij
Satellite lamp dirk van der kooij