Round 125
Meltingpot Coffee Large Table Wide

Dirk van der Kooij, 2014
Recycled plastic, pigment, stainless steel fixtures
Ø125xH30cm | 45kg

Generously proportioned, the Ø125 coffee table accommodates immersive, varied compositions. The assembly of a Meltingpot sheet requires broad, strong movements: as our colourist uses their whole body to toss together Kooij prototypes. Here, the full width of the body’s movements can be observed and appreciated.

Each Meltingpot is made by hand in our Zaandam-based workshop. Please find below a selection of available works, each identified by an unique serial number. To secure a table, please email with your contact details and desired table code.
CL 640
CL 389
CL 575
CL 527

527 | reserved | view more photos

CL 628
CL 571
CL 493 2
CL 614
CL 532
CL 2201 236
CL 316
CL 343
CL 340