Menhir bench

Kooij Menhir Bench Multicolour 240cm

Unwieldy, conglomerate slabs of pressed prototypes and production waste are slowly cut and carved into the contours of the Menhir Bench.

It’s colour and patterning evidences the dough-like quality of melted plastic. Dollops, drips, smooshes, and swirls make up a patchwork of synthetic forms, loosely referencing their former lives (as chairs, lamps, etc.)

Composed of solid, 4cm thick menhirs, the bench is suited to many lifetimes of use. Finished without lacquer or oil, it can be re-polished endlessly.

Kooij Menhir bench conglomerate detail green
Kooij Menhir Bench Multicolour
Kooij Menhir Bench Conglomerate 160cm
Kooij Menhir bench conglomerate detail
Kooij Menhir bench conglomerate green door