Endless rocking

Endless Chair

In 2011, the Endless chair came to life as Dirk van der Kooij’s hard-fought graduation project. In a worldwide first, he had reconfigured a pneumatic robot arm to extrude furniture from recycled plastic. The first series consisted of gently tinted plastic threads, built up shakily to form 3D tapestries. A mal-aligned motor imparted a scalloped pattern, though was also responsible for the unlikely tacitly of the technique.

Dirk van der kooij endless chair
Endless chair
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Endless rocking chair
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Kooij Endless Chair
Whilst our current robots extrude with a steady hand, the scalloping has been maintained intentionally. Now printed from transparent plastic, the gentle undulations heighten light refraction and invite comparisons to cut crystal. In 2011, the Endless chair won acclaim in the form of the Dutch Design Award. It sits happily in the MoMA and Stedelijk Museum.