Discography table

The Discography table can house up to 20,000 discarded CDs and DVDs. Under pressure, these disks crumble and warp as they fuse into solid, stonelike slabs. The resulting patterning reads as intricate and bright up close, though sober and gentle from a distance.

Once pressed, fragments of the printed foil remain legible. Clients are invited to contribute their own collection for inclusion in the tabletop.

Discography table detail

No lacquer or topcoat is applied in the finishing of a Discography table. This ensures that the surface can be easily buffed and polished for generations to come. It is of the utmost importance that the table is the final, forever vessel for its plastic contents.

In the workshop, mistakes happen. We are are careful not to mix plastics or introduce contaminatinants to the disks, which are bonded with transparent recycled polycarboante flakes rather than toxic epoxy resin. In cases of production error, a Discography table can be re-recycled many times over.

Discography table side