Meltingpot detail p 2

Dirk van der Kooij, 2014
Recycled plastic, pigment, stainless steel fixtures
L160xW110cmxH76cm | 90kg

Recent explorations have fruited elliptical Meltingpot tables, cherished for their sloping, inviting edges that mellow the intensity of Meltingpot patterning. The L160cm variant can comfortably seat 6 people. With it’s soft directionality, the Ellipse 6p is a dynamic alternative to round tables.

Kooij dining ellipse detail

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6 P 729
6 P 719
6p 659 2
6 P 780
6p 648
6 P 548 meltingpot table
6p 572
6 P 471 meltingpot table