Changing Vase

Changing vases studio 2
The hills and valleys of the extruded changing vase serve to distort its contents: as distant petals and stems fracture shyly through the printed matter. Undulating plastic ribbons dip and stretch to form the amorphous pod, whose personality changes depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

Changing vase small


Changing vases line

Changing vase small

Changing vase detail
The changing vase gives second life to rooftop windows, industrial chocolate moulds, and safety glasses. This unlikely source material lends the vase its durability and twinkling transparency.

Changing vase side detail

Recycled plastic, much like wood, carries indicators of its history. Based on the previous life of our plastic, the transparent material can appear cool or warm. We are unable to control the tint of the plastic, though this is the joy in working with reclaimed material.