Dirk van der kooij buitenhuis light 160cm hanging recycled plastics


The Buitenhuis chandelier is a segmented halo composed of twinkling, 3D-printed arcs. Originally commissioned to hang within a spiral staircase, the ring can be adjusted spontaneously by hand. A two-way pulley system ensures smooth, dynamic tilting. Each arc is built slowly from ribbons of molten recycled plastic. Sourced from rooftop windows, safety glasses, and industrial chocolate moulds, this unlikely material gifts durability and glasslike transparency to the design.

Available in Ø120cm and Ø160cm | Datasheet
Dirk van der kooij buitenhuis light detail
Dirk van der kooij buitenhuis light 120cm hanging recycled plastics

Warm, starry LEDs are divided and scattered through the ripples of their printed cocoons. Recycled plastic, much like wood, carries indicators of its history. Based on the previous life of our plastic, the transparent material can appear cool or warm. We are unable to control the tint of the plastic, though this is the joy in working with reclaimed material.

Buitenhuis ø120 cm | 6-8 wks
110W | 11.000lm | 2700K

Buitenhuis ø160 cm | 10-12 wks
153W | 15.300lm | 2700K

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Kooij Buitenhuis chandelier
Kooij buitenhuis chanderlier interior house
Karl Lagerfeld buitenhuis
Buitenhuis chandelier